Thursday, March 12, 2009

Royal insult: 6 Bloggers to be charged

Six people nationwide will be hauled up in court tomorrow for insulting Perak Sultan Azlan Shah in blogs or through the posting of comments.

Read more at: MalaysiaKini

...i watched TV3 news just now and it did mention that one of the blogger that will be charged is from Kota Kinabalu. Who is the blogger?


HeWie said...

huii..jeng jeng sepa la tu ah dari KK?

zorro said...

bah mungkinnn...jeng..jeng..jeng..

Bibilui said...

sebenarnya.. sayalah blogger dari kota kinabalu tu.. hahahaha... sempat lagi menghambur bah..

by the way... nice blog u have here.. keep writing! :)

zorro said...

ok bah kalau kau bb..ko pun ada blog yg kiut miut bah..hehe

Bibilui said...

biasalah... ikut orang bah... hahahaha